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Paypal Forex Brokers | WOW, I never thought that trading the forex world can be so much fun, like playing a game and getting money for it. Thanks for a great game recommendation.

Paypal is one of the most established players when it comes to transferring money to Paypal Forex Brokers, there are number of brokers which allow you to transfer money from your paypal to your Forex trading account. Below is the list of Paypal Forex Brokers who allow you to transfer money through your Paypal Account.

Paypal Forex Brokers | Play Forex Like A Paypal Game

Ava FX: It is a leading Paypal Forex Brokers which provides a free demo account for dummy trading, Online trading platform and attractive brokerage for Forex trading.

Etoro: It is another Paypal Forex Broker which provides free practice account for Forex trading along with regular tips and consulting to clients.

GCI Trading: It is the only Paypal Forex Broker that provides commission free trading with online trading software and real-time charts along with quotes. It also allows its clients to leverage up to 400 times which is far better to other Paypal Forex Brokers. It is a Paypal Forex Brokers which offers FXCM micro account which allows you to open a Forex trading account for as low as $25 to trade. Other attractive feature is it provides spreads as low as 1 pip and there are not entry order restrictions like other Paypal Forex Brokers. It is the first Paypal Forex Brokers which is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Also it does not charge commissions for trades that are executed and the spreads are as low as 0.9 pips. Another advantage is that hedging is authorized with this Paypal Forex Brokers.

Paypal Forex Brokers | Play Forex Like A Paypal Game It is a global provider of online trading services with its branches spread across 140 countries. Paypal Forex brokers provide free Forex practice account along with Interactive webminars and online training courses. It is a subsidiary of UK based company called Gain Capital which is a global leader in Forex trading. It deals in Forex, CFDs, Stocks, futures and Options. It is one of the rare Paypal Forex Brokers which provides Forex training along with Forex trading strategies and technical analysis of Forex trading.

These are leading Paypal Forex Brokers who accept your money through paypal and provide wide range of features and services.


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